jquery.get-enhanced plugin

Extend $.get() to add selector support. Usage is identical, except you can add a selector to get a page fragment, like you can with $.load

Note that any requests without a selector in them will simply be passed back to the native jQuery.get() method. Requires jQuery 1.3.2+


The animation types can be used in any combination, and with any number of elements. See 3 different types below:

Parsed data will appear here...

Example code

What it does

The plugin simply adds selector support to enable $.get'ing of page fragments, to save you having to slice the response yourself. Super lightweight and non-intrusive, it will just pass back to the original $.get() method once its work is done.

It means that you can 'do stuff' with the content before appending it to the DOM:

e.g. $('.target').html(data.replace(/cool/ig, 'AMAZING'));


Usage is identical to the jQuery get() function.




Licensed under the MIT License.



Please DO NOT put bug reports on the comments below. Feel free to report any issues on the Github Issues page.

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